Working with LOT 318′s Homework Club

As part of our firm’s efforts to make an impact in our community, for the past few months, I have been volunteering with the organization LOT318. LOT318 stands for “Loving Others in Truth” from the verse 1 John 3:18. They exist to minister to at-risk youth and their community by empowering them to see their worth and purpose in this world.  Their primary ongoing ministry is a Homework Club that takes place Monday to Thursday afternoons.

We set up folding tables and chairs on the sidewalk in front of an apartment complex. The kids work on their homework and ask volunteers for help if they need it. They get points for completing their homework, behaving well, and reading to a volunteer or parent for 20 minutes. A few times throughout the year, they get a chance to redeem their points for prizes.

The kids are a delight and I love spending time with them.They’re mostly in elementary school with some middle-schoolers.  Kids start remembering you after you’ve been there a few times, and you really get to know their personalities—some kids sit quietly and get their homework done, and other kids need more attention and prompting.  Some parents come and sit with their kids while they do their homework.  The Homework Club furthers LOT318’s goals of building community with students and their parents, and helping at-risk students to see the value and fun in education. In future posts, I will be sharing some success stories from LOT318’s work in this community.